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During the past decade, dental benefits plans have become an integral part of healthcare planning for many families.

Dental benefit plans are made available to employees or member through companies, unions, and associations and may vary considerable from one plan to the next.

Some plans may cover as little as 30% or as much as 100% of dental services. Most insurances cover anywhere from 50%-80%.  Some plans exclude certain types of services; consult your insurance representative at work to see what you qualify for.

The type of treatment you need and receive from us is based upon our professional judgement, and not on your coverage specifications. We do not believe it is in either of our best interests to compromise your oral treatment.

As a courtesy to you, our staff will complete the dental portion of the claim form. To expedite processing please complete your part of the form accurately. If your dental benefit plan requires a “pre-determination,” we will submit a treatment plan for review by your insurance carrier.

Please note that the financial obligation for dental treatment is between you and this office. The insurance company is responsible to you and not to this office.  Therefore, you as a patient are responsible to pay any difference from your insurance. For your convenience we accept VISA, MasterCard, Debit, Cheques and Cash.

We are please to assist you in filing out your claims, handling insurance queries, processing follow-ups, or locating lost claims. Please feel free to ask us any questions, whether it’s regarding your treatment options, billing statement or benefit plan.