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Root Canals

At Dentistry On Manning, we’re aware of the fact that the root canal is a procedure that many of our dental patients wish to avoid.

However, the vast experience and knowledge of our Dental Team affords us the ability to carry out the procedure as easily as possible with the care and comfort of the patient at the forefront.

A root canal involves locally anesthetising the damaged tooth, before isolating it from the rest of the mouth. Once the comfort of the patient has been assured, the tooth is then opened up and the damaged area of the tooth is removed. This typically involves the removal of the pulp from the tooths root. Following this, the remaining areas of the tooth are then cleaned, filled and restored back to normal.

To provide the client with an additional layer of protection and comfort, a temporary filling and/or crown is then placed on top of the tooth.

A follow up appointment is then arranged, in which the temporary filling/crown is removed whilst the structural integrity of the tooth is inspected.