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Restoration & Fillings

Throughout day-day life, your teeth go through a lot. So, when something goes wrong, and you’re left with a damaged tooth its vitally important that the damage gets properly repaired.

A filling is a procedure carried out by our dentists if a lesion in the tooth develops to form a cavity. Lesions can occur as a result of poor dental hygiene or simply as an accident. The procedure itself involves the filling of the cavity and the subsequent restoration of the tooth.

We offer a variety of fillings that all serve to restore your teeth back to their intended form.

These include:

Colour Fillings

These include porcelain and gold fillings.

Silver Amalgams

A combination of metals are combined to form a silver filling that provides one of the most durable, yet inexpensive teeth restoration solutions.

Composite Resins

The use of composite resins provides a more ‘natural’ looking restoration solution, blending with the natural look and texture of teeth.

Our restoration and filling treatments ensure that any damage to your teeth is repaired thoroughly at a structural level. This means that your teeth don’t only just look ‘fixed’, it means that your teeth have been restored to an extent that will allow you to continue daily life with a set of dependable teeth.