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Dental Whitening (Zoom)

The importance of how your smile makes you feel cannot be understated.

Our dental whitening procedures provide an excellent solution for those looking to increase the confidence in their smile.

The dental whitening procedures involves the use of our ‘Zoom’ Machine. At the hands of our dental hygienists, it’s used to eliminate stains and brighten teeth, providing them with a clean white appearance.

The treatment uses a mixture of light, bleach and hydrogen peroxide to produce long-lasting and effective results that can be achieved in about an hour.

As your smile is something that is completely personal to you, we believe that our clients should be able to tailor the colour and brightness of their smile exactly to them. Fortunately, our ‘Zoom’ equipment is fitted with 8 different colour settings, enabling our clients to do just that.

Our hygienists are also highly well-equipped to advise upon any decisions that our clients may be unsure of.

The procedure also involves a series of consultations, involving an assessment of your dental record, to ensure that the dental whitening treatment is appropriate for you and your requirements.

Additionally, a home teeth-whitening kit is also made available to our clients should they prefer.