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The extraction procedures involve the surgical removal of teeth that are severely damaged and/or decayed. Furthermore, a tooth extraction may be required if a tooth causing damage to its surrounding teeth, as is typically seen with Wisdom teeth.

As with many other dental procedures the wellbeing of our clients is placed at the forefront of our treatments. Consequently, our Dental Team are reluctant to undertake extraction procedures as a method of treatment due to the negative ramifications that tooth removal can have on the remaining dental structures.

As such, our Dental Team will aim to explore all other options before opting for extraction as a method of treatment.

With nearly two decades of experience at the clinic our Dentists are highly well-equipped to complete the extraction procedure using methods that provide our clients with the highest possible levels of comfort.

The extraction process can vary between that of a simple extraction, involving the removal of an easily accessible/visible tooth, to that of a complex extraction. A complex extraction involves the more complex removal, like the removal of a wisdom tooth that has not yet broken the gum line.

All extraction procedures are followed up with a subsequent visit to the clinic, allowing our dentists the opportunity to ensure the treatment has been effective and to advise upon future action.