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Perfect Smile Aligners

Essentially, Perfect Smile Aligners provide a modern, effective and discrete alternative to braces.

Overseen by one of our dentists, the procedure is form of orthodontic treatment that aims to correct teeth alignment and a bite over a 12–24-month period.

Most clients find the most beneficial aspect of the aligners lies within their near invisible appearance. They provide a highly subtle means of correcting teeth misalignment, without the need for a mouthful of metal. Moreover, unlike braces, the aligners can be easily removed for brushing and flossing to ensure that oral hygiene is properly maintained throughout the treatment period.

Furthermore, as no metal wires or brackets are required, the aligners are significantly more comfortable than that of traditional braces.

The treatment period involves repeat visits to the clinic, whereby new sets of aligners are given out every 4-6 weeks. Each set of aligners is set to gradually increase its adjustment of the teeth and is moulded precisely to the requirements of your dental structure.