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Digital X-Ray

Our digital X-Ray service enables our hygienist team to thoroughly assess the condition of our clients’ teeth, bones and overall mouth structure.

Not only is the procedure non-invasive and painless, but it is also markedly safer than that of traditional X-Ray methods. Due to the modern technology used within the digital machine significantly less radiation is emitted, compared to a traditional X-Ray machine.

As an added benefit, the scan takes only a matter of seconds. This enables our clinicians to rapidly scan clients and quickly address any dental problems that may arise.

Our hygienist team subsequently use the accurate picture produced from the scan to assess our clients for any suspected illnesses, including infections, fractures, cysts, misalignments or tumours. Furthermore, the X-Ray scans can be used to effectively implement any orthodontic treatments that may be necessary.

The visual scans may also be used to visually illustrate to clients the problem that they are experiencing. This significantly helps with client education, ensuring that they are fully aware of why and what treatment is necessary.